Children, caregivers ,and community members have Enhance Psycho-Social Skills


Children, caregivers ,and community members have Enhance Psycho-Social Skills

Expertise France
Expertise France
Target Areas


Target Audience
  • 635 individuals

250 children (aged between 6-17 years)

100 children (aged between 9-17 years)

60 caregivers

300 community members (aged 18+)

25 CSO individuals 

Overall Objective

At risk children, caregivers, and community members in the Old City of Saida have enhanced psychosocial skills and knowledge reflected in the attitudes, feeling of safety, and wellbeing

Specific Objective

1. Support at-risk children and caregivers by strengthening positive coping mechanisms, emotional resilience, as well as coping with specific stressors through a set of community-based and focused PSS, and emotional support sessions.

2. Promote positive parenting knowledge and skills among caregivers allowing them to play a positive leading role in shaping and directing the experiences and opportunities of children’s learning, growth, mental and physical health, psychosocial wellbeing, and development.

 3. To advise, inform and enhance child support protection services through awareness on GBV, referral system/protection services for caregivers, community members, and CP capacity building sessions for local CSOs in the Old City of Saida.