Emergency WaSH and Protection Response for IDPs and Refugees from the Syria Crisis in Lebanon

Partner: Oxfam Italia

Overall Goal

Lives saved, suffering alleviated and human dignity maintained in countries experiencing humanitarian crisis or that are food insecure.

Intended Outcomes

  • Affected populations have equitable access to a sufficient quantity of water for drinking, cooking, and personal and domestic hygiene to agreed minimum standards.
  • Affected people have an environment in which health risks are minimised.
  • Beneficiaries have improved awareness about access to basic services and civil documentation with support of community focal points or community support structures.

DPNA's Responsibilities

  1. Protection Analysis Reports
  2. Creation of support peer groups
  3. Psychosocial activities for children
  4. Awareness and information sessions on legal rights and available services delivered
  5. Referrals to service providers

Areas: Beqaa, Lebanon- Bar Elias