A Youth-led Approach to Peaceful Coexistence Between Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Host Communities

Partner: Search for Common Ground

The overall goal of the project is for Syrian and Lebanese youth in Lebanon to develop trusting, empathetic and respectful relationships with one another.


  1. Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian youth develop non-adversarial relationships to increase trust with one another.
  2. Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian youth work collaboratively to implement peacebuilding activities in their communities.


  • Train 20 volunteers in South Lebanon and form a group of 6 Youth as "Youth Advisory Group".
  • "Better Together" Summer camp which targets 80 youth in 2014 and 80 youth in 2015, and train them on discovery, identity, leadership, non-violence and conflict transformation. At the same time, the youth will be engaged in 4 art activities with Syrian and Lebanese artists: Video, Visual Arts, Theater and Music.
  • After the completion of the summer camp, the youth will meet over the course of 6 months with DPNA and the artists to engage in different activities, such as Pen pal exchange program about social media and story telling, trauma healing with LABAN and continue sessions with artists to produce together a piece of art.
  • The participants also organize 4 community events every phase to celebrate the completion of their art products.

The project targets four areas in South Lebanon; Saida, Tyre, Jezzine and Nabatieh , and over the course of 2 years 160 Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian youth participate in the scope of the project.

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