Ein Zaarour Summer Camp Site

Jezzine (70 km from Beirut, 22 km from Sidon/Saida) is the most famous summer and touristic resort of South Lebanon because of its beautiful landscape, fresh climate, its 40m high waterfall and the festivals during the summer. Vital public facilities contributed in making Jezzine the most important town in the area. DPNA and in partnership with Al Shallel Club of Jezzine are managing Ein Zaarour Summer Camp Site, which aims at providing a safe and creative space for children, youth and adolescents. The summer camp also aims at welcoming organizations wishing to organize a summer camp, training, retreat, etc. It was first opened during summer of 2014, and has implemented until now more than 10 summer camps. Check out pictures from several summer camps implemented by DPNA on the right column.

Facilities Present

  1. Accommodates up to 120 people
  2. Training and Sleeping Tents
  3. Kitchen
  4. Campfire area
  5. Horseback Riding Area
  6. Campfire area
  7. Hiking area

Partnerships that Supported the Rehabilitation of the Site

  • Union of Municipalities of Jezzine
  • The Netherlands Embassy

Check Out the Camp

Training Tents

Camp Fire Area

Sleeping Tents