Active Citizens

Partner: British Council

Overall Goal

Building understanding and trust between communities by establishing an enduring global network of community leaders, who can work together to address the global issues of the 21st century. “Active Citizens” helps tackle the major challenges facing communities. These include issues arising from differences in race, religion or culture, access to sustainable livelihoods, environmental pollution and protection, health and educational opportunities, democratic participation and opportunities for women.


Active Citizens connects people and organizations involved in local initiatives that benefit their community. It provides them with tools and support to better understand how to work with people from diverse backgrounds and to put new skills into practice by setting up or adapting the way they run their own social development and innovation, by sharing ideas and practice and working on joint projects with their peers in the global Active Citizens network.

Active Citizens was launched in 2009 and currently, it is running in over twenty countries in the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, South and East Asia and the UK.

The Active Citizens Learning Journey is core to the overall programme. It is based on an exploration of the ways in which people relate to each other and appreciate diversity. It involves participants carrying out a social action project in relation to an issue of concern to them and putting their learning into practice. It is underpinned by a commitment to social justice, to social inclusion and to enabling people to take a lead in shaping society.

Our Current Scope of Work

  • Quality Assurance on Active Citizens project to ensure and support the successful implementation of workshops
  • Implementation of Training of Trainers workshop